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Pikapika42's introduction

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Pikapika42's introduction

Post by pikapika42 on 3/20/2014, 12:08 am

Hey hey it's pikapika42 here coming to talk to you about who and what???? i am. My real name is Gabriel or most of you know me as pika.
Im allmost allways on to have fun and play with some pixelmans. When i started i had just been fired from my old job as pokeofficer on another pixelmon server and was looking for a server in which to play on and apply for a job. I found this one by typing into google (fun pixelmon server, large, apply for staff) and after two hours of looking i found this one.
I went on and found that the staff were quite nice, responsible, and knew what they were doing. So i thought (this is the one i want to apply on) so i told mad i was from another server and if it would raise my chances of getting staff and he said yes. At that time i knew i could have a chance. So i applied for trainer and got it. Awhile later i was just playing and then BAM!! i got pokefan. The tears of joy came to my eyes and was so happy that they trusted me. I left for a day or two and came back to see POKEMANIAC!!!!! And again happiness, joy, and all of the things you can think of. But in the end here i am writing this to tell you who i am. Really who i am?? Im just a fourteen year old kid who has found home. Smile

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