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Introduction of "TheSupahBoi"

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Introduction of "TheSupahBoi"

Post by TheSupahBoi on 12/28/2013, 2:47 pm

Hey guys, its TheSupahBoi! I just wanted to explain to you who I am.

How I Started Minecraft:
I am a normal kid who played Pokemon for 4 years, I have loved  it very much and still to this day I remember every single detail of what I did. I stopped playing it for a while, the last game I got was pokemon black version which is now considered "Old". And I've played for atleast 2000+ hours of pokemon DS and 3DS games. Even some from the gameboy. Then one day I found minecraft, at first I had no idea how to use the controls or anything. Then I found some friends at school who played minecraft. They showed me all about PVP, servers, and ways to survive the night. And then the last thing they showed me was servers and mods. It definitely changed my experience of playing minecraft. I loved PVP, faction, and just some raiding. But most of all, helping and playing with my friends. I would never be here without them. And one day I figured out how to use forge and mods. And began looking for servers that used mods and forge. I searched for great mods. And I found Pixelmon. Just as I heard the name "Pixelmon", I thought of "Pokemon". So I checked out, after that I found out that there were servers made in adventure mode, survival mode, even in creative mode! I thought it would be fun to play a game I played for a long time. As soon as I finished going through server, through server; I found the right one. Oasis Pixelmon....

How It All Began:
After my encounter with Oasis Pixelmon my life definitely changed, the staff, the players, and the feeling of joy. I usually never got that feeling on some servers. But this I felt was the right one. And soon I found out all about the server and began training and training. I tried beating gym leaders, but some where harder than I thought. Soon I because a trainer. After that I joined "ThePack" which supplied me with healers, pc, and a safe area to live in. But soon I wanted to start my own shop and as soon as I was done building it I began to have many many friends. But that shop only lasted 5 weeks  Sad . But as soon as that was done I decided I wanted to move. I quit "ThePack" and went to "MewCrew". I settled in pretty well, a lot of nice players welcomed me and helped me build my new house, it was a big success. But after 2-3 weeks I decided to make my own faction. It took a week to find enough players to make a faction. After building spawn and my house many people started joining us. And then I decided to settle once and for all. I built my mansion it is still in progress today. I also tried for staff and hope to see good results!  Very Happy  But other than that I made really good friends with everyone, I help everyone if they ask nicely or not, but I always had one thing....

The Urge:
The urge to become a big help to the community. I always wanted to have a fun time and help other players get the best experience on Oasis Pixelmon as an owner, admin, co owner, and mod of many servers I think I am responsible enough of helping and not causing more trouble to the community. If anyone needs me I will always be there for them. I am a very active player on Oasis.

Thank You:
I'm very sorry it took you a long time to read, but I really appreciate that you took you're time to read and introduction to who I am and how I began on this server. Please take a 5-hour break from reading today if you read it! Thanks Very Happy[/b][/b]


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