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Post by Kevo235 on 6/2/2015, 10:02 pm

Owner - The Owner's responsibilities are very crucial to the success of the server. Such responsibilities include making sure the community is happy with the direction that the server is heading, managing the staff, making sure that the rules are being enforced correctly as well as making sure they're being followed by everyone, technical aspects of the server, teamspeak and forums, making sure any major problems are solved as quickly and efficiently as possible to everyone's benefit, and many more. The Owner is a crucial person in the staff team, but without the rest of the staff team, he is almost useless.

Co-Owner - The Co-Owner is the Owner's right hand man, so to speak. The Co-Owner is to assume out all roles and responsibilities of an Owner, should the Owner be busy or otherwise occupied. As well, the Co-Owner is also responsible for maintaining order in the staff base and managing console and plugins.

Senior Admin - Senior Admins are the head of the Admin team. Senior Admins have earned the utmost trust of the Owner and Co-Owner combined and have dedicated a lot of time and effort into making sure the server and community are thriving.

Admin - Admins are responsible for the more technical aspects of the Server, such as console and forums management and development of the server. Admins are among the most trusted and dedicated members of the community and of the staff team.

Advisor - Advisors help with the relay of server suggestions and ideas to the Owners and other Staff members. They are skilled in thinking of new ideas and directions that the server should progress towards, as well as giving advice in other manners and solving problems that arise in the staff team.

Moderator - Moderators are members of the community who have proven to go above and beyond for their fellow players. Their job is to solve any problems that arise among the players and solve them as they see fit. They are here to help any players should the players need it.

Legend - Legends are chosen from highly dedicated and social members of the community that have been with the community for a great period of time, and are proven to be trustworthy and helpful individuals. Legend is the highest Non-Staff rank that is currently obtainable.

Dedicated - The Dedicated rank goes to members of the community who have been extremely helpful towards other players and have been socially outstanding from others.

Craftsman - Craftsmen are players who have a solid understanding of how to build epic builds and towns. These players are given kits to aid them in their wonderful builds. They are the best of the best in terms of building.

Friend - Friends are players who have proven they are here to stay on the server and their presence is not only welcomed, but enjoyed by others on the server.

Builder - Builders are players that have proven they know how to build decent structures. Although not as proven as Craftsmen, they are well on their way to becoming the best builders on the server.

Member - Members of the server have signed up for the forums and have proven interest in the server.
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