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Post by Zwall99 on 12/28/2013, 4:40 pm

Oh. Hi. It seems you've clicked on this thread because you want to know more about me.

Let's start with who I am. I'm 14 years old, and I attend highschool.

Okay that's it.
Go home.

Just kidding.

I'm into minecraft, but I play a lot of other games. I'm into audio editting, beatboxing, and just having fun with sound. Ironically, I'm deaf in my left ear. Like, no joke. My left ear does not work. I don't feel like explaining the whole deal, but I had an accident when I was three. I don't remember much about what it's like to hear with both ears. Though, I feel like I should get a -50% discount when I buy earbuds. Hue.

I beatbox. Been at it since I was seven. I've grown a lot since then.
That said, I'm still not really that good. I used to be amazing,  but I've declined over the past year. I need to step it up again.
No video for you.

I've stuck around with the Oasis servers since September 2011, on the SMP server. Been here ever since. That's two years. Happy to be here.

Fun Facts:

  • I'm the youngest current staff member.
  • I made the post about us on Planet Minecraft, and took all the pictures.
  • I built Spleef with the help of Aquatic.
  • I have Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, and Rayquaza on my team.
  • I have put 78+ hours into my emerald cartridge from when I was little.
  • I was approximately the fifth person to join the server, ever.
  • It took me a year and one month to get [Veteran] on the SMP server.
  • I like to build things in the style of medieval.
  • I composed mad's youtube outro:
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Here's my desktop, because I can.
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- Zwall
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