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Cupcake For Staff Empty Cupcake For Staff

Post by CaptnCupcake on 10/4/2013, 11:32 am


Real name (recommended):


How often you plan on being online:
Its pokemon + Minecraft, I will be here everyday, till the internet dies. Apart from a few weeks in the year that I take to travel of course.

Why should we make you staff?
Well first off, I am active and friendly and have been playing Pokemon since the games started. I can handle most types of people well, and love to help. I'm not one to play favorites, the rules are the rules and everyone is expected to follow them.  I am constantly watching chat and am a frequent on team-speak. I love to learn and would love being able to help out to the best of my ability.

What can you offer us?
A active member able to be on in the early mornings to later evenings.
A responsible player capable of handling a wide range of situations.
A friendly, helpful player who doesn't mind taking time to help someone else.
I love building and will be very willing to help in setting up our future gyms and towns, even if this app isn't accepted.  

What are you best at doing?
 On Minecraft my favorite things to do are build and decorating. I am also very good at finding new places to explore.

All in all, I'm a chill person who loves the oasis family. I love this server as much as one person can, and see this as an opportunity to help out. I am active, friendly, chill, and responsible. I will be here playing, helping, building, and all around having fun.

Thank You for Your Consideration.
~ Cupcake ~
Oasis Smp Artisan

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Cupcake For Staff Empty Re: Cupcake For Staff

Post by mindcrafter3033 on 10/4/2013, 3:20 pm

i will vouch for beth as she is a kind and helpful person and i think she should be staff Very Happy

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