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It's time...

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It's time...

Post by Nero1414 on 1/6/2015, 2:51 am

It's been bothering me for awhile now but I can see that there is no other way but to get this over with. For the past year, I've watched the server through the eyes of both a player and a moderator, And have seen it gone through many changes.

I've seen many players achieve there dreams, winning tournaments, catching legends, defeating gyms. The looks on there faces when they finally defeat the dragon gym made me smile every time, knowing they're one step closer to being at the top.

I've seen countless clueless players wander aimlessly, not knowing what they were doing. I'd try to guide them as best I can but sometimes it's too much, however I noticed something, it wasn't just the staff helping these newcomers. The main thing I love about Oasis is you guys, the community. You're not heartless, you care for everyone around you and help each other out, that's something not many do and I hope you continue to do it, you make Oasis the best experience.

From the way this post is sounding you can tell where I'm going with this. I'm retiring from the oasis staff team. I can pretty much guarantee that only some of the people that read this would know I was a mod because of my inactivity. Even along with that I have many out of school activities that consume my time and for those who didn't know, I've been struggling with depression for awhile now.

For those who know my name I want to say thank you, you guys are friends that I will always treasure and I will always get on teamspeak or the server every now and then to talk to you. For those who don't I want you to make oasis the best pixelmon community out there. I will never let the memories and friendships I forged here die and I certainly hope you guys won't too.
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