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Boes Trainer Application

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Boes Trainer Application

Post by Boerenkuul_ on 11/10/2014, 2:16 pm

Minecraft username: Boerenkuul

Real name (recommended): Brooke

Age: 20

How long have you been playing on THIS server?: 1 day

Where did you hear about us?: I googled *Pixelmon Server* and you guys came up. You had the best reviews. Smile

Name any players (Trainer rank or higher) who would vouch for you (You need to ask them!): Silver is vouching for me.

Why do you deserve Trainer rank? (Please say more than "I don't grief"): I am an honest player. I like to help people and do not like to cause problems. Pixelmon is one of my favorite mods to play and I dont have any intentions of ruining the experience for anyone ( unless beating someone in a fair battle counts.. which I hope not Razz) I dont steal from other players. I dont cuss and talk down to other players. As I said I help players when I can and I am older than a good amount of Pixelmon players and have the maturity to show for it. I myself am a mother of 1 little boy and know what responsibility means. I may not be on everyday but I certaintly will be darn close to everyday ( everyday for a few days in a row then i might miss a day, for example) I used to own my own Pixelmon servr along with several other servers over the years and know how much work goes into a server and how much dedication and well.. work it takes to sustain one. I hope to be joining trainer rank soon and thanks for the consideration! ~Boe


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Re: Boes Trainer Application

Post by SilverSlayer198 on 11/10/2014, 2:17 pm

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