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EV training and Natures

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EV training and Natures

Post by i am turtlez on 8/14/2014, 4:16 pm

For those experienced in pokemon effort value or EV training is a way to make your pokemon even stronger. EV's will make you stats higher i.e attack def ect... different pokemon give different EV's which range from 1-3 EV's per kill. Pokemon can only have 255 EV's on each stat and can only have 510 EV's in total. Now there are some special items you can use to gain EV's faster by using Power items (HP-power weight, Attack-Power Bracer,
Defense-Power Belt, Special Attack-Power Lens, Special Defense-Power Band, Speed-Power Anklet) instead you can kill a pokemon for 1 special attack and 4 more because of the Power item. Also Pokemon natures are very important to know or look up because natures give a boost in 1 stat but a minus in another. now here are some very helpful links that hopefully make your EV training easier and faster and remember to pick a good nature.

This will tell you have EV each pokemon give off

This will help you with picking the pokemon and stats you want to train

This will help you pick the right nature for you

So for all you noobs and pros i hoped this helped and you learned something new that will give you a edge on your opponent P.S a nice tool to know your evs currently is to type in chat /evs

i am turtlez
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Re: EV training and Natures

Post by monkyboy9 on 8/14/2014, 5:55 pm

Made this a sticky thread so people could find it. This is really helpful, thanks a lot =D
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