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Interim Gym Leaders

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Interim Gym Leaders

Post by Eosperus on 3/2/2014, 5:11 pm

Upon seeing the addition of Laddie(The Arena Trainer) I would like to suggest the use of the Trainer Rod for interim Gym Leaders when the named Gym Leader is AFK, offline, or otherwise indisposed. As a Pokemon fan, I find it more convenient and enjoyable to challenge a Gym with a team or less of Pokemon of a more appropriate level during the course of my "training", versus challenging a Gym Level 20 - 30 with level 50 pokemon because the Gym leader was unavailable. I think this will make it more enjoyable for player because they could challenge a Gym at their own convenience rather than the "Leader". I do not recommend doing away with Staff or other named Gym Leaders entirely because the an actual Player makes for a more entertaining battle compared to a computer. I am not aware of the specifics or logistics that go into programming an unspawning, reward yielding(HM/TM, and appropriate Badge) trainer for each Gym such as Laddie, but this was merely a thought and any input of the Oasis Staff or my fellow players on the this subject would be appreciated. If this idea is unavailable at this time or at all that too would be great to be aware of.

Thanks to all who read, comment, or even view this,


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