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Teamspeak Ban: 'Jack' aka Jackanoory

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Teamspeak Ban: 'Jack' aka Jackanoory

Post by Zwall99 on 2/16/2014, 11:43 am

Name of Banned Player: Went by many names such as 'llewaJ' , 'ydaeRsIeidorByM' , 'ekuD' , 'Cuntnugget' , 'tnucnugget' , 'merdetete' , 'TeteMerde'.

Date Banned: Feb 15 2014

Length of Ban: Perm

Appeal: Possibly.

Reason: Jack, a PMC site moderator, joined our teamspeak last night. We were just derping around with our soundboards, and he left because he supposedly didnt care for them. His 'Thug' friends joined, who trolled a bit but knew when to back out. Jack never spoke. He changed his name to the given names above on multiple occasions. The last two are translations of explicit slurs towards me. Jack was banned for disrespect. Jack went to the extent of changing his IP address and un installing and reinstalling teamspeak in order to get back on. We had someone <Wont be named> with connections to Jack confirming his IP addresses that he joined with.

That's the story. The final reasons fall under disrespect and ban evasion.

- Zwall
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