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Teamspeak Rules

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Teamspeak Rules Empty Teamspeak Rules

Post by madscientist032 on 1/21/2014, 9:56 am

Teamspeak Rules

Welcome to Oasis Pixelmon! In order to create an environment that is enjoyable for all players, we have created a carefully defined set of rules which apply to each and every player on Oasis. Please read these rules carefully, as you are responsible for knowing and following them, and will be held accountable for any rules you break. Unfortunately these rules are still a work in progress. Not every specific rule is posted on here. It is up to the discretion of the staff as to whether or not a rule has been violated. If you have been found to have violated a rule not on this list, depending on the severity, you may only receive a warning and the staff member who warned you may be required to discuss the issue with the rest of the staff.


Table of Contents

I. Player Rules
a. Advertising
b. Swearing/Sexual Content
c. Respect
d. Chat Etiquette
e. Courtesy
f. Impersonating

II. Staff Rules

a. Kicking/Banning
b. Editing

III. Subject to Chance and Discretionary Clause


Section I. Player Rules

a. Advertising
The advertising other teamspeak servers is strictly prohibited. We only ask that you give our teamspeak server the same level of respect that the founders of Oasis gave every other teamspeak server upon its creation.

b. Swearing/Sexual Content
The usage of adult content in general chat is permitted but should be kept to a minimum and should never be used to disrespect another player or staff member. In the event you are asked to refrain from the usage of adult content in chat you should attempt to do so as it is the first sign you are using it too much. Sexual content should be kept to a bare minimum. The punishment for excessive sexual references, and constant swearing will most likely be a temp ban, after a warning in chat. It should also be noted that Oasis is a server for all ages. Please try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable and discluded. We ask also that all links be suitable for a PG-13 playerbase.

c. Respect
We ask that you exhibit a level of respect that would be expected from you in person. This includes respecting other players as well as Staff members. Please respect the authority of the staff members because they generally know what they're talking about. Also, the use of racial slurs or other extremely offensive language/behavior is strictly prohibited.

d. Chat Etiquette
As explained in Subsection b of of Section I, adult content should be kept to a bare minimum. Spam is defined as obnoxious chat behavior and is prohibited. Examples of spam include using all capital letters in a sentence, random letters, macro use in chat without permission, various forms of begging, or any other form of disrupting chat labelled as a nuisance.

e. Courtesy
If you laugh at something out loud or in text, you must provide a link or copy/paste or explain what is so funny because it is impolite to do that without giving an explanation. The punishment for not providing an explanation will be a kick followed with whatever else the teamspeak staff member feels fit. Be courteous.

f. Impersonating
Changing your name to match; staff, banned players or others in Teamspeak is rude and disrespectful. This includes avatars, Do not post pictures with other players, or content that insults them in anyway. Any of these is grounds for temp banning or in major cases perm banning.

Section II. Staff Rules

a. Kicking/Banning
You may first give the player a warning in chat, then if no response comes or if the illegal act continues, you may kick the player with a warning message upon their return. If the rule breaking continues, you may ban the player with the message “You can appeal on the Oasis forums" or something along those lines.

b. Editing
You must have the permission from an admin or owner to edit the descriptions, names, channels, et cetera, in teamspeak. Let it be known that you are only allowed to change the description of a players name with their permission only.

Staff have the right to moderate Teamspeak as they see fit.

Section III. Subject to Change and Discretionary Clause

Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at any time, and it is the responsibility of you, the player, to review the rules and be aware of any changes. You will be held accountable for your actions, and any rule breaking can and will be met with punishment. All of the above rules are under the discretion of the Oasis staff. This also means an administrator can enforce a new rule at any given time whether in game or on this official list. If at any time you feel a staff member has overstepped their bounds, check with a different staff member for a second opinion. It may be reviewed upon if needed.

Duplication of these rules is strictly prohibited without written consent of an Owner.

Copyright (C) Oasis-Pixelmon 2014. All rights reserved.

Last updated: January 21st, 2014
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