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destasoul staff apply

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destasoul staff apply

Post by destasoul on 1/11/2014, 5:40 am


Real name (recommended):dar jerne elias v.d laarschot /call me djel


How often you plan on being online:i try to come everyday i like this server and need something the do if i'm and most time online if your not are on

Why should we make you staff? What can you offer us? What are you best at doing? What else sets you apart?: I will give player give a nice try to play and will protect them what everything going on and have an nice battle even cheats and griever's i hate them and will no body get fail in this game and sometime i give player some free stuff but alone if they have need or urn that i'm great in battle so  that you alright know and i like every singel battle even the battles. That are nice and easy i can take to must about it and i don't know must about the codes but i don't want to used them alone if it needs to than can i call you they nice side i'm smart in id's and have some sweet few plan's for cups and champion ship gr.djel

Last edited by destasoul on 1/15/2014, 6:43 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : a just the name by the front putting more not)

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