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staff applicantion

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staff applicantion

Post by destasoul on 12/26/2013, 8:58 pm


Real name (recommended):dar


How often you plan on being online: i love pokemon don't like cheat's don't like griefer's and don´  t wanny one i'm try Always
making having  i try Always to be online if the other not than can i if a gym leader online i can mabye a little helper

Why should we make you staff? What can you offer us? What are you best at doing? What else sets you apart?:i´m bad with code´s but i can wacht the hood and i´m have great crative skills also  will making everone happy if some bad happend
sorry my keyboard is an little slow on internet explore but by minecraft is it normale gr.djel and if i can have i later more  idee´s what i can do

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Re: staff applicantion

Post by Got_Yellow on 12/26/2013, 9:50 pm

Look desta, how long have you been playing on the server? 1 week? 2 weeks? Though I completely doubt over a month. I'm pretty sure last time I cheaked a player has to play for at LEAST multiple months to be a (possible) candidate for staff position. You don't just play on a random server for about 1-2 weeks and all of a sudden get staff rank. It doesn't happen. I know staff position is really awesome and a powerful rank to have, but I don't think you have the skills the server needs. Why? Well, my first point is a BIG one, but in my opinion your staff application is exetremely poor, you say you can help if something bad happens on the server but how are you going to help? What are your strategys? But not only you haven't explained how your a "helping hand" on the server but pretty much 45% of your entire application, is about your slow internet explorer and keyboard... Another reason why you most likely won't be accept as staff is because you stated that your "bad at codes" I think you mean "commands"? Ok ok this is complete bs to say in a staff app. As a staff member you pretty much NEED to know how to use rollback commands with coreprotect, since griefing is big and common problem on the server it's almost impossible to last a day as staff member if you don't know the most important commands on the server.

I'm sorry for the hate train and I don't want to be a mean guy neither am I staff, but I think they're thinking the same thing

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Re: staff applicantion

Post by flomzilla on 12/26/2013, 10:48 pm

Got_Yellow's right, wait a couple months and try again.  A lot of our decision on accepting the applications is how active and productive we see you in the community, and with a week of play time it's hard for us to get a feel as to how you'd do as a member of our staff team.

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Re: staff applicantion

Post by Sponsored content

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