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fuzzywuzzyfuzzy's Application for Jr Mod

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fuzzywuzzyfuzzy's Application for Jr Mod

Post by fuzzywuzzyfuzzy on 12/23/2013, 12:23 am

Username: fuzzywuzzyfuzzy

Real name (recommended): Lewis

Age: 12

How often you plan on being online: around 14 hours a day but i will come on whenever i have spare time

Why should we make you staff? What can you offer us? What are you best at doing? What else sets you apart?: I think that to be a staff is a very hard job indeed and can be very stressful. I am ready to take on yet another staff role to help other people and help out staff with there job. I can offer you help in command blocks. I have been staff on my own server and know how to staff a server. I see that if people make an offence against the rules they should be punished through ban but they should have the ability to post a ban appeal so if I ban someone I will look on the forums and answer their appeal within 2 hours. Other things which set me apart from the rest is well most people on the server are massive pokemon fans i can offer knowledge to help them, for instance if they ask can Rhydon learn Gyro ball i would say no. other minor things are i play pokemon cards Very Happy i am funny (hopefully) and i can play music (like around Grade 8 piano music) so if you need audio well you know where to get it i also have a youtube channel and will be doing server reviews a lets play on the server and so on because this server is great for minecraft and pokemon fans.
Thank you for reading  Very Happy 


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