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Post by madscientist032 on 12/12/2013, 1:01 pm

Guest - Default rank for all players who join the server. Access to all default commands.

Trainer - Rank available by application on the forums. Given to people who have played and have applied.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Iron tools and regular potions. Also has the ability to set two separate homes.

PokeFan - Rank only given to players who the moderating team can consider a trustworthy person who won't grief.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Super Potions and Great Balls, in addition to Trainer perks.

PokeManiac - Rank given to outstanding trusted players who the staff have decided deserve more than standard Pokefan privileges, but for whatever reason have not yet achieved Builder or Professor rank.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Hyper potions and Ultra balls, in addition to the Pokefan perks. Also has access to /kit workshop, which includes a Pixelmon-specific anvil!

Builder - Rank for certain players who have played long enough to be noticed by the moderating team as an outstanding member of the community.  They are also exceptional builders.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Wood, Torch, Grass, Stone, Glass, Sand, and Cobble kits.

Professor - Rank available by application on the forums. You must be Pokefan or higher to apply. Given only to players who are extremely trusted, and have been playing on the server for quite a while.
Extra powers - Ability to teleport to other players, to teleport other players to you. Includes Diamond kit as well as Builder kits!

Architect - Rank given to players who has been noticed by the moderating team as a most respected member of the community. Rank is based off of how well you build, but it's also based partially on your contribution to the community as a whole and dedication to the server.
Extra powers - Can fly around. Includes Professor perks.

JrMod - This is the only staff rank available by application on the forums. Primarily responsible for fixing greifs, banning players, and keeping the server under control. JrMods also have access to CoreProtect, our greifing rollback plugin, as well as full access to the TeamSpeak moderation commands. JrMods are also responsible for answering players' questions, and are generally very knowledgeable and can answer most questions.

Mod - In addition to the responsibilities granted to JrMods, Mods are known for being able to promote players, set-up and remove warps, assist with players in the Donator Shop, and use WorldEdit. Mods are also responsible for assisting the JrMods and to help players when needed. Our Moderators help keep the relationship alive between Staff and the Community by running server-wide events such as Buildoff and Pokemon Tournaments. Mods are hand-picked by the Admins and Owners.

Admin - The highest rank on the moderating team. The role of the Admin is to ensure server stability from a technical perspective, and to assist players when needed. Admins are granted OP (operator) privileges and also granted remote desktop access (aka "console access"). They are allowed to manage the server and its plugins with more flexibility than the Mods. Admins are responsible for performing server restarts and plugin updates when needed. Admins also have the same responsibilities as Mods and JrMods, and are required to help out any player who asks for help. Admins are hand-picked by the Owners.

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